Tender for Fire Fighting Life Safety

A fire alarm control panel is a control device that detects reports and acts on hazardous fires in buildings.Fire alarm panel repair must be done by certified technicians only. Manual fire detection points such as manual pull stations, smoke detectors and heat detectors in a building are all hooked up to a control panel.

System Design Of Fire Alarm System :
  • The type of system required i.e. L1, L2, L3 etc and where appropriate, parts of the premises to be covered.
  • The action to be taken in the event of fire.
  • Whether other occupants of a multi occupancy building will be affected.
  • Whether other work is to be done at the same time. If so then consultation with other contractors may be required.
  • A Method of calling the Fire Brigade
  • Whether the type of occupants or activity in the building will require a greater provision of Manual Call Points than normal
  • A likely attendance time of the Fire Brigade