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"Provide complete electronic surveillance at affordable cost"

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Products :

Home Automation

Home automation gives you access to control devices in your home from a mobile device anywhere in the world. The term may be used for isolated programmable devices

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CCTV System

CCTV Camera Pros strives to provide the most informative and up to date information in the surveillance industry. Our team members will ensure hassle free installation.

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Video door entry consists of both outside and indoor elements: a outdoor panel on the outside, an electronic lock release and an indoor monitor.

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Banking sector requires highest degree of security within the premises with high financial transactions involved day in day out. Our range of products such as CCTV camera, Intrusion alarm and access control are must for any banking institutions. With our access control they can control who can enter the secured currency chest in the bank also the CCTV cameras will provide the round the clock monitoring through which they can monitor the activities happening across the building.


Educational institutions can make use of our biometric attendance system to have the check the attendance. With the biometric reader, it can help stopping the proxy attendance prevailing in the student community. It also can be configured for their staffs which will ensure the timings are monitored and can’t be altered by any one.


In the hospitality industry like hotel, our surveillance system will help the security people to have a tap on those who visit and leave the building. It can be a evidence in case any issue arise later. Also it will help the people to find out what is going on across the big hotel as they will have the software to monitor the live feed from the CC TV cameras setup across the building in the entire floor.

Shopping & Retail

This is the sector which need close monitoring and surveillance. Once you had our CC camera setup across the retail shop or in the mall, it will prevent your loss from the shoplifters. Even if someone does, he can be easily caught before he leaves the premises. This will reduce the financial loss and provide security to your business.

City Public Areas

One more area which can be guarded by the electronic surveillance is the public areas in the city. With the help of the CC TV camera, city police can get hold of people who over speed or the persons who misbehave in public. It will help the law making agency to have better control over the place where they can’t have the physical presence for entire day.


When it comes to transportation, there are several private players who want to setup the surveillance inside the moving vehicle. Also you can use the geo tags to find out where the vehicle is going on at any particular point of time if you are having big transportation company like cab services.