CCTV System

A closed-circuit television camera (CCTV camera) can produce images or recordings for surveillance or other private purposes. Cameras can be either video cameras, or digital stills cameras. Walter Bruch was the inventor of the CCTV camera.

CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. CCTV relies on strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera’s input on monitors somewhere.

Types of CCTV Camera:

  • Dome CCTV Camera
  • Bullet CCTV Camera
  • Box/C-Mount CCTV Camera
  • Day/Night CCTV Camera

Types of CCTV Camera:

  • Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera
  • PTZ Camera
  • Network/IP CCTV Camera
  • High-Definition HD CCTV Camera

Types of CCTV Camera:

  • Wireless CCTV Camera
  • Thermal (FLIR) Camera
  • Wide Dynamic Camera


CCTV ANPR Cameras are the best way to protect your business, parking lot and people. We offer top-quality wide-angle cameras and recorders for high-speed license plates recognition.

Customer Gains : Automatic capturing of vehicle movements

Gain Creators : Helps to keep track of the in and out of vehicles

Customer Pains : Not being able to record the vehicle movements

Pain Relievers : Captures license plate along with the vehicle image


Customer Gains : They can watch a hundred cameras at once and see where no human could.

Gain Creators : Video Analytics allows us to identify, recognize gender, count, the human/animal/object from a digital video.

Customer Pains : When people monitor cctv video, they quickly lose attention and miss important clues.

Pain Relievers : Video analytics network camera software is able to deeply analyze video feeds, to a degree impossible for human eyes.

CCTV Closed-Circuit Television – Installing CCTV cameras outside your premises is a great way to discourage thieves and burglars from breaking into your property.

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